Interdisciplinary Studies at the Green Institute

Several years ago former Green Institute Fellow Tom Baugh had the unique opportunity to study with theologian Matthew Fox, innovator of a thread of theology, enhanced with the Wisdom traditions, known as Creation Spirituality. Since that time Tom has speculated that many postmodern theologies, such as Creation Spirituality, and postmodern paradigms such as Tom Berry’s 'Ecozoic', although important to our time, might be more applicable to a post-collapse recovery era. Tom explores this concept at the website.

We live in a very complex world. Often the only way to approach the challenge of such a world is through the understanding that comes from and through interdisciplinary analysis. For this reason, the Green Institute formed the nucleus of an Initiative in Interdisciplinary Studies. The Initiative broadly dealt with issues of religion, ecology, and governance/politics from a Green perspective of Green. Green philosophy is an integrated and coherent world view that transcends a narrow sense of politics to encompass community, society, and culture. It is the intent of the Green Institute that its Fellows interact with other scholars and organizations working on similar issues.

The Institute also established a Fellowship in Interdisciplinary Studies and awarded the Fellowship to Tom Baugh. Tom has previously served as the Green Institute’s Science Fellow. In addition to 30 years experience in science information, natural resource management, and conservation biology with two federal agencies and one university, Tom is a multidisciplinary professional with graduate education and degrees in biology/ecology and religion/theology. He is a member of the American Institute of Biological Sciences, the Society for Conservation Biology, the American Academy of Religion, the Forum on Religion and Ecology, the Society for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture and the World Conservation Union (IUCN). Tom moved on to other projects at the end of 2008 so this project is no longer active.


SCB approves Working Group

Green Institute Fellow Tom Baugh reports that the Board of Governors of the Society for Conservation Biology ( has granted full Working Group status to the Society’s Religion and Conservation Biology initiative. In addition to his work with the Institute’s Initiative for Interdisciplinary Studies, Tom has also led the development of the Society’s Working Group. The Charter of the new working group states that its purpose is to inform the members of the Society of the relationships between and among religion, conservation biology, and biodiversity and represent the objectives of the Society for Conservation Biology to those involved in religion and theology.

The current activities of the Working Group include the following:

  1. networking and consultations on conservation biology and biodiversity with religious organizations with environmental missions
  2. networking and consultations with Society for Conservation Biology members on religion and conservation biology and religious organizations with environmental missions
  3. providing information on religious organizations with environmental missions to Society for Conservation Biology members

The Working Group maintains a web page and an information page titled ‘Sources and Resources’. Additional information is available.

Writings of former Fellow Tom Baugh

Conference Report: Society for Conservation Biology

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