Aviation and Its Impact on the Climate
We all hear much about how our cars and coal power plants contribute greenhouse gases that cause the climate crisis. True enough. But airplanes use a lot of fossil fuels as well. And airplanes emit these gases at a high altitude, which means that the effect is more immediate and magnified.








Florida now and after Greenland melts

The Tipping Point
The tipping point refers to that point in time at which the release of carbon stored in the oceans, permafrost and elsewhere, triggered by human-caused global warming, takes off on its own, and we can no longer stop the process.

Flash! IPCC declares global warming unequivocal - see details Flash!
Mobilizing for the Climate Crisis

Yes, it is a crisis. Global warming - climate change - the climate crisis. Skeptics try to play on the minimal uncertainty that remains, but in no other area of our lives would calls for inaction be taken seriously given what we now know. We mobilized as a nation for World War II and we need to do so now. Climate change is a different kind of crisis, but it is no less serious. Harm is already being done.

The challenges are serious. The effort is not trivial. But neither is it impossible. And we will be better for it - a more efficient and healthy economy; an economy for the twenty-first century.Read the links from this page - about the tipping point, about the need to mobilize our society. We can do it, but only if we all plan, strategize and share the effort. Read about some plans to mobilize.


Education and the Climate Crisis

Green Institute Sustainability Fellow has described a holistic sustainability which combines many key aspects of Green philosophy, as shown by the diagram to the left. He is an advocate of education of sustainability using this concept and has written extensilve about Contentual Sustainability Education (CSE).

Climate Crisis: The Education Challenge

Towards an Integrated Educational Framework for Social and Ecological Peace


A good resource: Real Climate, particularly their contrarian page.

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