European Green Party Congress
Geneva, Switzerland

13/14 October, 2006

met in Geneva for the second Congress of the European Green Party,
which first met in Rome, in February of 2004 when it was founded. A
variety of releases and statements can be found on their webpage.

primary business was the approval of their statement on the Future of
Europe, which significantly centered on attitudes towards the European

There were also keynote speeches by two of their more prominent people. Dominique Voynet, left, who is the French Green Party's candidate for President in next year's election, spoke on Saturday morning.

Dominique Voynet, French Green Party candidate for President in 2007

the last French presidential election, left-leaning candidates split
the vote, leaving a runoff between one center-right candidate (current
president Jacques Chiraq) against a reactionary right-wing candidate.
Some Greens want the French party to support the Socialist Party candidate to prevent that from happening again, but they have decided to run their own candidate.

Another prominent speaker was Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, right,
who is the new Minister of Environment in Italy. With the defeat of the
conservative coalition of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in
Italy, Greens entered the government in a large coalition and received
the portfolio of the Environmental Ministry.

also were panel discussions entitled Human Rights in Times of
Terrorism: The European Policy, and the Charter of the European Greens,
besides the extended debate on the Future of Europe charter.

There also was a presentation by the Global Young Greens about
their gathering in Nairobi, Kenya, next January, ahead of the World
Social Forum. The Green Institute has pledged $1000 to this event. The
Global Greens Gathering is now scheduled for May, 2008 in Nairobi.

Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, Minister of Environment in Italy

delegates vote in Geneva