Events that the Green Institute has participated in

The Green Institute at the US Social Forum


The Green Institute participated in the US Social Forum in Atlanta from June 27 to July 1, 2007 in by hosting panel discussions and co-sponsoring the Democracy Tent along with over 20 other organizations.

N-Word Forum in Takoma Park, MD  

The Green Institute hosted a forum to present the documentary called "The N-Word - Divided We Fall" and host a discussion afterwards. The event was supported under our Community Grant Program.

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Surviving Victory - A New Definition of Security  

A discussion of US policy in Iraq and the Middle East. What those policies are, how they developed and how a new definition of national security can enhance US, Mideast and global security. At the Washington Club in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC.

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Read A New Vision for the 21st Century by Roger Morris and Steven Schmidt. 

A Call to Democratize and Protect US Elections  

The American public is losing confidence in the integrity and democratic character of its elections. Among the reasons for this lost confidence is the strong evidence of systematic abuses of voting rights during the last two presidential elections, most notably in Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004. At the Press Club in Washington, DC featuring Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.

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European Green Congress in Geneva, Switzerland  

Greens met in Geneva 13/14 October, 2006 for the second Congress of the European Green Party, which first met in Rome, in February of 2004 when it was founded. The primary business was the approval of their statement on the Future of Europe, which significantly centered on attitudes towards the European Union.

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Progressive local officeholders meet  

The Green Institute, the Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution and the Havens Center sponsored a conference or retreat on the University of Wisconsin in Madison to discuss officeholder coordination, education and assistance.

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Corporate Power, Elections and Political Democracy: Do We Need a Wall of Separation?  

Co-sponsored by the Green Institute and Professor Jamin Raskin who directs the Law and Government Program at the Washington College of Law in Washington, DC, this panel discussion looked at issues of the corporate influence on elections in the United States.

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People's Rights before Corporate Rights  

A corporation should not have constitutional rights. "Good corporate citenzenship" is not what we should seek, because a corporation is not a citizen. A corporation is an artificial entity and a creation of the state. People have rights that are inalienable in the constitution. Such rights are not inalienable to artificial creations of the state, nor would the drafters of the constitution or the founders of this country have seen it that way.

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