The Impact of Aviation on the Climate



Many of us have heard that we should limit our flying because of greenhouse emissions from airplanes. But beyond that the issues does not get a lot of discussion. Most global warming plans exempt the aviation industry from their plans. Aviation is an industry in which endless growth seems to be taken for granted, and unlike the growth of traffic on our streets and freeways, very few are talking about alternatives. There are limits to how many runways that can be built, to how big our airports can be. And there need to be limits to greenhouse emissions from aviation.

Read the 10 Sustainable Aviation Demands from the Safe Aviation for Everyone (SAFE).

This Aviation Climate page gives you the information you need. You can read an easy-to-understand question-and-answer page to get the basics. There is a discussion of revamping the aviation undustry. We also link to some excellent coverage of a meeting in Seattle entitled Sustainable Aviation in Cascadia featuring our own Dr. Frans Verhagen.

Read a summary of the Integrated Intermodal Transportation System (IITS) Initiative.