Green Institute Board of Directors

David Cobb was the Presidential nominee of the United States Green Party in 2004. He has consulted and lectured for the Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy as well as the Center for Voting and Democracy, and is a national expert on the corporate personhood issue. He was one of the lead organizers of the Green Party of Texas and ran for the office of Attorney General in Texas in 1992. He now lives in Eureka, California. David Cobb has been on the Board of Directors since the founding of the Green Institute in 2002.

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Gloria Mattera was born and raised in Brooklyn. She has a masters degree in special education and for the past 20 years has been working with children and families as a child life professional in the NYC hospitals. Gloria worked with Justice For Detainees to help many immigrants who were incarcerated after Sept 11 in Brooklyn without charges or were deported. She has been a long time activist in the single payer health care movement and is on the Executive Board of NY chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program.Gloria is also a member of Womens International League for Peace and Freedom. She is currently co-chair of the Green Party of New York State and was the Green Party candidate for City Council in District 39 in Brooklyn in 2001 and 2003. In 2003, she received 20% of the vote, the best three-way result for a Green in City Council history. Gloria Mattera joined the board of Directors in early 2006.

Malik Rahim founded and runs the Common Ground Collective in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina struck in 2005. Common Ground has provided relief supplies and health care to many New Orleans residents and has recruited thousands of volunteers to come to New Orleans to help demolish ruined houses and rehabilitate others that could be saved. He has been active in affordable housing and prisoner rights issues for many years and helped found a Black Panther chapter in New Orleans. He joined the Green Institute Board of Directors in September 2006.




Anita Rios is a Mexican-American community activist from Toledo Ohio. One of eight children of former migrant farm workers, Anita has made a commitment to making real the promise of democracy for all Americans. She was elected by her peers to serve as union shop leader and thus as their representative on the Ohio Executive Council of SEIU/1199. She also represented SEIU/1199 on the Toledo Area Regional Labor Council of the AFL/CIO. Elected as Co-Chair of the National Committee of the Green Party in 2001 and 2002, she was the first Latina to serve in the top leadership position of a political party in the United States. She serves on the State Steering Committee and was one of the regional coordinators of the 2004 Ohio recount. She also was the Green Party's candidate for Lt. Governor of Ohio in 2006.

Audrey Thayer is a community organizer in Bemidji in racial, social and peace issues in Northern Minnesota with the Red Lake, White Earth and Leech Lake reservations and is an enrolled member of the White Earth Reservation. She works with the ACLU in Minnesota as part of the Greater Minnesota Racial Justice Project. She has run for city council and county commissioner in Beltrami, Minn. She teaches as an adjunct professor at Bemidji State University and was appointed 2 years ago to the Bemidji Parks and Recreation commission and reappointed for another 4 year term in 2006. She has sat on the executive board for the last 5 years on the Northwood's Coalition of Battered Woman, 5 years on the Anishinabe Region Two Arts Board and Chairperson of the Bemidji Indian Center Planning Committee. She is a mother of 5 living children, and nine grandchildren. Read a profile of Audrey.


Former Board Members

Joe Leonard


Linda Martin


Thomas Linzey

The Board of Directors had a meeting in Toledo, Ohio, in December of 2006 to approve the 2007 budget.


Back row: David Cobb, Malik Rahim, Dean Myerson

Front row: Audrey Thayer, Anita Rios, Gloria Mattera